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Why this is an important issue and why we feel this should be addressed:

Over 400,000 people like you have already signed a petition asking Craigslist to change their policy on pet ads.

The Craigslist "Pets" category is increasingly a go-to source for animal abusers looking for victims because it is anonymous and there is zero accountability.

By continuing to allow the sale of pets on Craigslist, many vulnerable animals have fallen victim to dog fighting rings, "bunchers" (people who kidnap pets to sell to medical research labs), "flippers" (those who adopt pets through "free to a good home" ads, then "flip" that same pet for profit), and other sick individuals looking for their next helpless victim.

While the company states in their Terms of Service that they don’t allow the sale of pets, based on the hundreds of ads we see daily, their user base ignores this “rule” and Craigslist turns a blind eye to it.

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